Graduate programs

UCLA MII offers graduate level training in biomedical and imaging informatics. Students can enroll in our program through the UCLA Bioengineering Department of the Bioinformatics Interdepartmental Program. For more information on the curriculum, research, and degree offerings, follow the links below.

Core curriculum

The MII program consists of a core curriculum that all students (Masters and PhDs) begin to take in their first year. This set of classes is designed to provide foundational coursework and an introduction to the breadth of biomedical and imaging informatics.

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MS programs

The Master's program is for individuals who want exposure to biomedical and imaging informatics, and plan to enter professional careers in industry and/or healthcare. We offer terminal Master's degrees through both Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. The Bioengineering MSc program is designed for students with backgrounds in engineering and computer science. The Bioinformatics MSc track is designed to support students from the biological and health sciences, including clinicians.

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PhD program

The PhD program is for individuals who are interested in research within biomedical and imaging informatics, and who want to continue in academia or other professional scientific careers. We currently offer a PhD through the Bioengineering program.

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